Social responsibility

At Ntsimbintle Holdings, we’re committed to the sustainable development of our assets, our people and the communities in which we operate.


We always act with integrity and respect for people and the environment. We believe that continuous, transparent engagement is key to building lasting relationships with our communities.

Through our operations, Ntsimbintle Holdings brings about positive socio-economic change for Historically Disadvantaged South Africans (HDSAs).

The John Taolo Gaetsewe Developmental Trust is our second largest shareholder. This rural trust was established to improve the quality of life of residents of the John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality in the Northern Cape province, where much of our operations take place.

Investment in Community Skills Development

Mine interns

Tshipi awarded a Geology internship in 2018 which affords young unemployed, historically disadvantaged South Africans, who have completed degrees or diplomas in any of the relevant field of study, to gain practical experience. This opportunity correlates with Tshipi’s skills development commitments and its contribution to transformation in the South African mining sector.


Ntsimbintle Holdings is committed to achieving Zero Harm in the workplace. We believe that occupational injuries can, and should, be eliminated, and as such, safety is a key component of our business. Our operations are surface, open-pit mines, which are some of the safest types of mining operations. Over and above this, we place strong emphasis on worker safety programmes and procedures, and have a robust framework in place to mitigate risks.


Ntsimbintle Holdings values the wellbeing of our workers and communities. We invest in health and wellness initiatives, and are committed to the prevention of all illnesses, not only occupational ones. At our operations, free on-site health screening and medical care is provided, and in partnership with the Department of Health, chronic medication distributed to those who require it. Furthermore, HIV testing and counselling is available to all employees.


We recognise our duty in minimising our ecological footprint, and in being a responsible steward of the environment for generations to come.

We manage our working environment responsibly throughout the lifecycle of our operations in order not to create any undue disturbances. At every step, we ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and environmental laws, and rehabilitation management is an ongoing process.

Through Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mine, Ntsimbintle has financed important research into South Africa’s endangered Secretary Birds, which are featured on the South African coat of arms. Secretary Birds were once widespread throughout Southern Africa but now according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Redlist they are facing a ‘high risk of extinction in the wild’.